The idea for Atisuto Band came about when we recognized a need from our customers and like every project we take on we did it the long and thorough way without taking shortcuts such as taking a known band, giving her our name and so forth. 

After we understood exactly what the need was we started to compose a show that coorperates different musical instruments and choosing songs in different styles such as: funk hits, blues, soul, oldies, pop hits in different versions that fit the reception part of the wedding and added some original songs as well.

The band members were chosen carefully, and also from the belief to support young musicians (most of them studied at the prestigious Rimon school of music) that will bring their new energy and vibes to the world of weddings instead of veteran musicians.

The performance takes place at the very beginning of the wedding/event and sets the tone of the whole event in coordination to the environment that you choose to create for your guests as they first arrive at the venue. We understand that the reception, whilst considered only “background music”, is actually one of the most pivotal and important parts of every event and wedding.

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