We are Atisuto:

Itay Galo loved music long before Atisuto. He lives and breaths music, it is a fire that burns deep in his soul.  Itay is the number one DJ in Tel Aviv, playing at the most exclusive clubs and ruling the nightlife
Itay Galo
When it comes to technique Roy Leibovitz is the Michael Angelo of music.  Roy began his career at the age of 14.  With a lot of passion for music he began to make his way through the Tel Aviv nightlife scene, where
Roy Leibovitz
Nir Goldman has managed to play at every place possible, making him more then qualified in making your evening a unique experience full of great music, harmony, fun and love, lots and lots of love.  Nir has a smile that lights
Nir Goldman
Nadav Shpilman is a DJ and record producer with over a decade of experience. He produces, edits and plays all his own music. Nadav presented and edited the radio program “The Flag 99FM”for four years. In 2006 Nadav collaborated with Daniel Naor to
Nadav Shpilman
Eli Matana is a DJ, producer and sound editor, through the past 10 years he gained experience in all kind of music genres while professionalism and creativity is the main elements of his success. At the beginning of his career, he
Eli Matana
Apart from being one of the country’s leading DJs, playing at all the best clubs in Tel Aviv, and playing at festivals around the world, chances are your road trips have been made a little better, while stuck in traffic, as
Dalit Rechester
This is ADIDOR. Adidor is the kind of artist who speaks through his music. He's a DJ, an amazing music producer and the resident of MTV Israel. Wherever you see or hear him play, either in Israel or abroad, you'll feel the music running
Vitaly started to play on the violin in the age of 6 in the "Israeli Conservatory", since than everybody realized that he's a wonder boy. He continue is way to the philharmonic in Cave, and in the age of 13 he represented